Stainless Longganisa

Stainless Longganisa
Bob Ong

Bob Ong's fifth book entitled STAINLESS LONGGANISA is out now. Jo, my brother girlfriend, lent the copy to me last week but my cough and cold forbid me to finish it fast. I just finished the book 2 days ago.

Reading the first chapter, at first I thought, Bob Ong was attempting to write a sequel of Ricky Lee’sTrip to Quiapo” where the technicalities of writing were shared and discussed. But as you flip the pages of the pocket size book you’d find out that this is very different in many ways and very alternative and freestlyely written. I want to label it “cool” but trust me Bob would just argue.

The book explores the ups and downs and the struggle of being a writer here in the Philippines. In this book, Bob Ong shares his readers his writing career. Expect to read here his exciting and some time frustrating stories on making his 4 books.
Yes, STAINLESS is Bob Ong life as a "serious" writer discussing why he chose to write and why he constantly refuse to compromise on a lot of things. Why he doesn't sign his books you'll find out here.

Like those on his previous works, the funny side of Bob Ong still engrave on the pages of Stainless. If you wish to giggle and laugh aloud, the book would not dissapoint you. At the end of every chapters you will find "Gawaing Pagsasanay" and Bob Ong proposed activities or questions asked to readers will kidnap your melancholy at least for a while!

But there is more to it. It's about a struggling author typecast as funny and comical who humbly shares in this book his serious life as writer.

Would this book be the ending of Bob Ong career as a non-fiction writer? Well, Bob Ong is giving us a clue here. "Stainless" aims perhaps to prepare his audience that on his next book we will see Bob Ong as a novelist or a poet? Let's see. I can't wait to read his fiction.

Meanwhile, let's keep ourselves busy writing and reading.

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