expat me

ni hao!
I am living and working in this big and scintillatingChinese city named called Shanghai. I have been here for fourteen days now and really there's a really a lot to learn and I am getting to like it here. I roamed some of city's esplanades and parks, did see many of its infamous and remarkable landmarks and architecture and tasted and scented shanghainese dishes.
It must be the humid weather that I can describe it like as Makati's CBD actually but with rows of maple trees along thouroughfares (lu) and multitudes of high storey edifices for office and residential utilization. Seemingly, the colorful lightings make Shanghai alive and breath.
Construction cranes taht hover on the site, with red flag on top, are a familiar site of the cityscape. Indeed, a proof that that this city is fastly growing and continually reviving its form.