A note before the end

The world should received it's rapture today according to Camping and claimed that 3 % (200,000) of world population would be annihilated. But alas, it's already dark here and yet I see no signs of aliens spacecraft hovering the Shanghai skies.

Maybe mankind has been reprieve from all his evil doings and if we wake up on a beautiful Sunday with a smile on our face, we can say we survived a rapture and now living with second life.

I hate predictions. I hate end of days. Let's be kind to people and spread love and tolerance. Let's move on and forget medieval culture of fear and lies. People, let's enlighten the minds!


this is me recently

self love is ok ....at least once in awhile. taken last 2011.05.08 at 1933 shanghai china Mr. Gerry Cordero.



tonight is too lazy


The Imperial Tourist

In the Chinese Spring Festival of 2011, I  triumphantly descended upon the holy grounds of the forbidden city in Beijing again to reclaim my right to be in awe again to the Chinese amazing architecture and history.

Background music for the celebrating image is John Williams' Exultate Justi from the movie Empire of the Sun.


And in the end, everybody everywhere is all connected. Prayers to prefectures, prayers to Japan.
Philippines let's be safe.



Let the fireworks rule the sky of China! Let it shine and shine gold with stars and the moon!!!
Happy New Year China!!! More good days this year!!! Cheers!!!



winter gray gray winter......


the most

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” Ben Okri



Snowing in the eastern city...

the tropical soul overwhelms

as I glance the ascend of billions of white dust against the red theatrical wall

from corporate fenestration

i think of You and and your love of korean teleserye

i figure you would love this moment

and i would define it perfect

and i sigh and i wish falling snow

that you are here.

and you make my day when you

said it's raining in your place.

heaven gave us something this morning

a drama, a poetry and love.