Monday Story and Eats

THIS morning, a colleague told me she will resign from work for good. And so another industrious fellow will disappear after 30 days. This phenomenon recently is becoming a weekly routine in the office. As expected when asked why "I am tired" answer would be the reason. When asked if she already have a job she just gladly replied maybe just relax first and that felt me envious. I wish I have a privilege like that.

Anyways, started the office work with a heavy Turkish wrap breakfast which was a leftover from Sunday lunch in Anadolu by Hengshan Rd where I treated myself. By noon, I had pasta and a soup which I thought satisfactory.

Afternoon arrive, I found myself in Yangpu district checking out some 3d max and sipped 3 cups of water while in amazement of how fast these 3 workers do PS facelifting mistakes. Crossed Huang Pu River twice today and felt good to see Pudong skyscrapers dwarfing my existence of me inside the blue Shanghai taxi crawling it's way to tunnel to the other side called Puxi.

Meanwhile, my evening gluttony was satisfied with my homemade tuna cheese sandwich watching delay TV Patrol feed from Hayag until Anthony Taberna ruined my appetite.

To those who are still munching "chew your food 7 times, you can get the benefit."



I was born on a Sunday. Thank you Lord for this Day.



Happy Mother's day to my dear wife Joanna Marie Dupa-Pangilinan. The work you do, and the love you share home to my family and especially to Ezra is dearly appreciated. I say sorry for the absence in times you thought I should be there as a parent to Ez and a husband to you. Today, you are being well thought of in spite of distance, silence, and in spite of many in spite ofs. I wish you always the best in life and more happy and healthy days.

All the love, from Ezra and myself.