Malling and other musing

My feet took me malling this afternoon and had viands for lunch at 2.30p. I missed eating at Bodhi after a week of dinning at KFC and Mc Donalds in Makati. An hour passed by and I found myself looking for an on sale origami book in National Bookstore. I saw a hardbound years ago not this time. Not being childish here but I want to try Origami for a hobby. I like creating form and I know Origami has a strong connection with architecture. How’s that?

Instead, I bought Lualhati Bautista’s Bulaklak Sa City Jail”. I read her three novels by the way. But little I know about this book. It’s a classic film and that’s all. I was even surprised that it’s Bautista who inscribed the screenplay of Mario O’Hara’s film masterpiece. Opps! Im so biased. I haven’t seen the film ever.

It’s a pocket size book and written in simple Tagalog (Bautista’s trademark) and I estimated I can finish the reading this week in spite of my upcoming busy schedule. Well, as they say it in Israel, Mazeltov!

I spied that most of NB costumers that day were reading joke and music paperbacks and folios. Was the scene a reflection of Pinoy culture on literature and life. Yes, we are musical and have good sense of humor but I hope we are not "out of tune" jokers.


Sunday Blogging Sunday

Last Sunday I was invited on the Kalipi sponsored seminar coined as KALIPI "AD-JOURN" (Advocacy Journalism):Basic Writing and Blogging Workshop. I was so lazy to sail to Makati to fix some work backlog, so I gave it a shot. After all I missed mingling with my Kalipi comrades and going to the LP headquarters. So I was there all day waiting for my turn to critique the participant works on the contents, the layout, the color and everything you can say about their blog.

It was only early this year when I attended a blogging conference in Makati as participant but last Sunday, ehem, as a critic of the neophytes’ opuses. If I sounded like important and connoisseur to the arena blame Eric for inviting me to do the deed.

More than being cool, I think the seminar is very innovative and revolutionary because it introduced a powerful, an important and free medium to the youth who are nowadays interestingly devote a lot of time using the internet to express their self be it on online games, chat and Friendster. The success of this seminar can be seen on how the participants can be seen on the online pages they created and maintaing it as time passes by.

Interestingly, a participant named Mel featured me on his first blog entry. Naks! Thanks pare!

I hope all the participants will continue maintaining their spots and be a part of the growing numbers of Pinoy who love expressing their self in blogging.


just waiting

I am in a net café somewhere near the side of new FEU building (which by the way I architecturally exteriorly admire) and waiting for the blueprint copies of the building plans I assigned to a friend to work on. It has been more than 4 months since I was commissioned by my former co-employee as his architect for the project. The fee is really cheap and I think I just want to offer a help and shrugs in the future if my Samaritan deed will vaporize me.

But I have been busy when I got a work in my new office in Alabang and even busier when I got employed in a landscape firm in Makati. So I’d ask a friend, Jane to help me out in the project to do the project in Cadd and sacrificing all my previous accomplishment done manually. Now, I wait for the blueprint and at this moment, my nasal system is early to complain the acidic scent it has about to endure in a bit.

I miss writing and blog writing in particular. My present work, though I am loving it, is yes occupying my time to do my weekly if not monthly online literary vice. My head is filled with comments, theses, ideas and blah blah blah to express in this page but to no avail.

In the end, I hope you will excuse me for the meantime because I have an obligation to the corporate world and make the world a better place! And I sounded like a trapo with that cliché.