Malling and other musing

My feet took me malling this afternoon and had viands for lunch at 2.30p. I missed eating at Bodhi after a week of dinning at KFC and Mc Donalds in Makati. An hour passed by and I found myself looking for an on sale origami book in National Bookstore. I saw a hardbound years ago not this time. Not being childish here but I want to try Origami for a hobby. I like creating form and I know Origami has a strong connection with architecture. How’s that?

Instead, I bought Lualhati Bautista’s Bulaklak Sa City Jail”. I read her three novels by the way. But little I know about this book. It’s a classic film and that’s all. I was even surprised that it’s Bautista who inscribed the screenplay of Mario O’Hara’s film masterpiece. Opps! Im so biased. I haven’t seen the film ever.

It’s a pocket size book and written in simple Tagalog (Bautista’s trademark) and I estimated I can finish the reading this week in spite of my upcoming busy schedule. Well, as they say it in Israel, Mazeltov!

I spied that most of NB costumers that day were reading joke and music paperbacks and folios. Was the scene a reflection of Pinoy culture on literature and life. Yes, we are musical and have good sense of humor but I hope we are not "out of tune" jokers.

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