Monday Movie Greats

TWO good films today that took me to two cities of Beijing and Ho Chi Minh.

The first one was called The Owl and Sparrow. Realesed in 2007, it was a story of three ordinary people who joined together by sheer love and compassion and the willingness to change and change for good in the emerging Vietnamese city. A tearjerker and a must see, this Stephane Gauger’s film proved again that simplicity could be a work of art. In this film, I admired Cat Ly, the only Vietnamese actress that I knew of and googled and found something revealing.

Late afternoon, I was streaming Go Lala Go! on Youtube cut in 9 parts. A romantic comedy with typical rags to riches as the film story’s foundation, this is China answer to Hollywood Sex and the City with ok bed scenes and The Devil Wears Prada as characters defined fashion and style with Chinese characteristic. Also, once in a while you’d see in the movie sponsors flashing here and there.

Sorry Gong Li, but I think Xu Jinglei (who played Lala and directed the movie), I think is the most beautiful Chinese actress living today.

Wala lang but the DB office building is the SOHO in Beijing where I worked for a week in the Spring of 2008.