Chengdu once again

I was back to Chengdu again last Thursday to visit a site and to attend the meeting for a project in the city. The air ticket to the Sichuan capital the office got for 300rmb. A lot of airlines company have slashed the price of the ticket to as low as 80% after the May 12 earthquake in the province. Along the major highways of the Sichuan capital there were red billboards with statement in bold yellow Chinese characters asking for help, as interpreted by my PM, for the Sichuan earthquake victims. The city has also started digging for their metro lines. And like most the cities I have been in China, Chengdu's construction industry is busy building houses and commercial spaces. As always we had a spicy lunch and the street scent opposite the food chains was really distinctly Sichuan spicy. The Chengdu weather was sunny and better than cloudy Shanghai and I was happy to see some sunshine as we departed Chengdu International airport by dusk that still seemingly early.


Off to Shanghai

Tonight, I'll be going back to Shanghai, yes to work. my vacation ends today and my boss/friend ed pm me that i have 3 days conceptual to do starting tomorrow. whoa!
I enjoyed the summer of Manila spending quality time with family and friends and updating my multiply and blogger free from filtering and blocking.
See you all in December!!!
To Shanghai, here i come and Nang, my beautiful wife, is coming along. I hope you'll welcome us beautifully.