late sleeping waking up early.... getting old


i love Judy and Mary

The Japanese punk/rock band popular in the 90's called Judy and Mary is really a killer. I was looking for their videos in You Tube and found lots and lots mostly live performance and found them kicking ass especially the cute voice of Yuki, Judy and Mary's vocalist that's full of energy and fun for life! Her voice in usison to the melodic rock and roll team.

If you know the anime series Samurai X, yes this band play the opening theme called Sobakasu and mind you it sounded even better when this band from the rising sun play it live and loud.
With the twist choreography and hair bangs highlight, this video is one of my favorite.




hanggang ngayun inuubo pa rin me. i got dry cough and felt sick last week. shanghai weather these days is terribly humid. it's dry and it's really hot with less oxygen roaming around the city to supply your system.
friday, i bought tablets of medicine to remedy the malady, for my cough and the running nose. the last went away but still dealing with the cough.


hello from the darker side of the shadow

hello from the darker side of the shadow.
the great wall of C still blocks us from broadcasting.
that's why a long absence happened.

anyway, hope this proxy would serve me long to channel
my thoughts away from mainland to you dear readers

i felt like i am broadcasting in a very remote
secluded place but really i am notthough i kind of likened
the idea of s secrecy and discovering something
that would make you imortal for hurdling the barricades.

out for now.