small world

I discovered Google Earth when my earstwhile boss saw me bored one Saturday afternoon in the office. I was so amazed with the software. You can easily download it anyway for free. Just by clicking and rolling your mouse, you can go to places and see them as if you are riding on an airplane. The pictures are taken from a powerful cameras on satellites roaming the earth atmosphere. You can view different cities and see how they were planned. No doubt Goggle Earth is an effective tool on doing research on urban planning and architecture of modern cities of the world.

To my surprise Tabang, my hometown, is very detailed-ly done in Goggle Earth. The rusty corrugated roof of our house in Maligaya Subdivision is very visible and upon seeing this makes me happy and proud that our little abode exists in this vast earth landscape! And like in an airplane indicators, GE can even indicated bearing and can measure distance both lenght and altitude. Saying this, may I say that our our house is precisely located at Latitude 14°50'38.23"N and Longitude 120°51'50.11"E. Scientific huh?!

I am still navigating the world and GE is continually updating. Im traveling the world from the comfort of an internet cafe and with my passport unvisaed!

Kudos to Goggle Earth!!!



bosses from the southern peninsula were not satisfied with my performance in the site and so through gm they requested me to vacate my seat and leave the firm.

i endured 3 months with the firm learning a lot from people from the field and office. it was a good experience to survive the pressure and to win difficult tasks though sometime its invitable to falter.

aside from leaving the physical self of the office, the hardest part of moving on is that you also leave behind officemates you became friends. SJ will surely be missed. but sms, friendster and ym will keep you guys connected anyway.

next week i'll be in a new office and starting to win friends again.

cheers to my new corporate life! i am to use my green thumb in designing creatively!


waking up at 440am

i woke up 4.40am this monday. to get to the office and then to the site to assist the engineer's inspection. just waiting for my boss and the engineer to arrive. the dawn today is blinding or it just my eyes adjusting to its early utilization!!!
i'll be out in a bit in this office who look like now a mess. papers and things all over in the working table! i should start updating my cv. the pressure here well... it visit me in my sleep and i am hating that! complains! complains, complains!


site online and loaded!

im in BLUE house project in lot 8 dayap loop tamarind cove ayala alabang village. dsl was intalled yesterday and at last have an access to the rest of the world when i am working.

loaded with my work that i feel everyday i am going to get sick or explode! demanding bosses and so many many works! but the salary is thin! i should start a welga na!