Shanghai sky is gray today and raining a bit and turned my window misty glass that you can write your name in the panel. Outside temperature, according to yahoo average at 7deg C and sun will show up only after two days in the weekend.

Watched Flood last night I could believe the British filmmakers produced such kind of cheap flick bad acting corny storyline that I turned off my dvd before it ended. I felt my marathon of good movies ( Slumdog Millionaire, Milk and docu The Wrestler and Encounters at the End of the World) was cut off by the said movie. I also found Tropic Thunder more annoying than funny and Eagle Eye too naive.

Anyway this morning I was delighted to watched Tzururu Miyabi's 肉嫁 ~高 柳家の人 and made my start of the day beautiful but I still prefer the building up of the story in ゑんぼ my loyalty stay still with the cute Misako.

China is still giving us 4 more days to rest and unwind but I choose to rot here in Shanghai given the bad market lately and unsure corporate future.

I am still surviving anyway I'm just so damn lazy to be literate.



Year of the Ox

Writing this message on the eve of the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year and to celebrate it with friends later on the 28th floor with a good view of the Shanghai night sky that will dominate later with actions of Chinese fireworks and with powerful boom and bang across the city streets.

I wish a better year for my to my Family to lovely Nang and beautiful Ezra and Pangilinan family to relative and friends, and to hard working officemates here in China.

Happy "Niu" Year everyone!!!



The Best

I must say that this vacation is the most exciting vacation of my life!!! Thanks Nang and Ez for making it happen!!!


On Getting Old

Masarap pa lang mag blog habang tinatanggalan ka ng puti na buhok ni Nang. Nakakaantok. zzzzzzz!!!