Shanghai sky is gray today and raining a bit and turned my window misty glass that you can write your name in the panel. Outside temperature, according to yahoo average at 7deg C and sun will show up only after two days in the weekend.

Watched Flood last night I could believe the British filmmakers produced such kind of cheap flick bad acting corny storyline that I turned off my dvd before it ended. I felt my marathon of good movies ( Slumdog Millionaire, Milk and docu The Wrestler and Encounters at the End of the World) was cut off by the said movie. I also found Tropic Thunder more annoying than funny and Eagle Eye too naive.

Anyway this morning I was delighted to watched Tzururu Miyabi's 肉嫁 ~高 柳家の人 and made my start of the day beautiful but I still prefer the building up of the story in ゑんぼ my loyalty stay still with the cute Misako.

China is still giving us 4 more days to rest and unwind but I choose to rot here in Shanghai given the bad market lately and unsure corporate future.

I am still surviving anyway I'm just so damn lazy to be literate.


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