Happiness is

My second child, Azriel bombarded me with giggles today. A relief, a very good one to soften the stress of a sudden corporate Sunday. Thank you Kuya Ezra for the Wechat video feed. Love you  all, hugs and kisses to your Mommy. One fine day! Precious one!


random boredom

woke up 630am to realise after an hour that it's actually 530am. excuse my blurry sight. peed. i successfully emptied the last drop of 4L bottled water. backed to bed. bored. read tweets and all. read a chapter of Gaiman's under the glow of a florescent light with the sound of a light morning rain.
Thursday has arrived. Good morning China.


wow. i can still access this blog. writing from shanghai. good afternoon.



that 85 cappuccino kicks. almost 2. time to sleep. sunday was lazy and restful. monday comes early.