Update on a Sunday

Totally my stomach is empty and want to grab a bowl arrozcaldo and sip it dry. Bibingka as featured in spot.ph and a hot chocolate would be fun big breakfas. Hay I miss Pinas.
The sun did not show up in Shanghai today and it makes outdoor looks eerie and feeling the winter cold you wish to get back on bed and sleep more. No sound at the moment except for the violin my neighbor always play to practice during mornings.
I plan to go outside to watch HP7 in Xintiandi, treat myself with popcorn and a tea hehehe, maybe I'd get the 2pm sked. Maybe I'd check the new electronics shop in Huai Hai Rd or go to Ikea to look for a cozy chair.
Really in my mind I could go to a lot of places but I have issue on idleness and maybe I'd blame the weather for that. Without the blue sky and the sun, winter in Shanghai is so lifeless.