Elegy to Julia Campbell

We saw Julia. She was one of the many passengers waiting for Lizardo bus to Sagada in Dangwa Bus station in Baguio. You’d noticed her because she had this very nice native Ifugao shoulder bag embracing her and she beamed friendly smiles while talking with the locals. In Sagada, we saw her again alone sitting on a rock near the market on a holy Thursday afternoon.

And then her pictures appeared on tv along with sad and tragic news of his death in the hills of Batad. A place I once traveled and I found peaceful and sacred. From the news I figure out her name and what she does. Shocked hearing the incident, I immediately phoned my girlfriend to share the story. Today I learned how many lives she touched working as volunteer in the Philippines.

With that incident, I realized how life is really full of surprises and irony. You traveled to a place to offer a hand and enjoy the view without any knowledge that it would be the end of you. Sigh!

I hope justice will soon be served for Ms.Julia Campbell.


notes on election 2007

3 years ago i was very much involved with this undertaking. I remember that I went to Baguio, Nueva Ecija and Bulakan with my fellow liberal comrades during the campaign. That was very fun experience.... tiring but very very fun.
That was then....but with my present work status that is so impossible. Likewise, my political and social awareness have decline lately and I blame HK for that. I read the news only when i eat stuff in MiniStop and when i arrived home, tired from work, I just sleep. If i happen to turn on the tv to watch late news chances are the anchorman is saying his goodbye and goodmorning already.
But anyway i would like you to hear my 2 thoughts about this year election and all it blah blah.

1. I hate it when i see posters of the canditate with another politcal character. The utilization of Roces or Erap or any other character is foolish. That undermines Filipino voters because it only says Vote-me-because-i-am-identified-with-this-politician. We go back with popularity issue and those candidates are willing to use that again. Voters should not be decive with flashy advertisement or posters. They should inverstigate and be very critical in choosing the leaders of this country.
2. I love the political tv ads of candidates. Kasi, this is the only time that they will get into their knees to please their costumers. Parang nagmamakaawa after spending millions for their tv air time. When the El Shaddai had a rally di ba many senatoriables attended and stayed overnight? But Brother Mike did no endorsement evrything is laughing in me. Ewan ko pero natutuwa ako dun. Let me be ha.

I only have 3 weeks to think who are my bet. Yes, i will vote. I will do my right to vote. I still believe in the democratic process of election that someday every Filipino identify and weed out the evil among the few good political men.

reklamo na naman

lately i am bored and unhappy with my work. lately i have this thinking that the only thing to make myself refresh and renew is to get out of my office and have a long nice sleep and watch dvd all day long.
when your work seems to kill and end your love to adventures and life you start hating it.
i hope that someday and somewhere a good corporate life is coming.


sagada here i come

im off to sagada come wednesday night with nang. i will be there to read books, to eat yogurt, to rest, and see the view, and to forget my corporate hell life even just for awhile.