Elegy to Julia Campbell

We saw Julia. She was one of the many passengers waiting for Lizardo bus to Sagada in Dangwa Bus station in Baguio. You’d noticed her because she had this very nice native Ifugao shoulder bag embracing her and she beamed friendly smiles while talking with the locals. In Sagada, we saw her again alone sitting on a rock near the market on a holy Thursday afternoon.

And then her pictures appeared on tv along with sad and tragic news of his death in the hills of Batad. A place I once traveled and I found peaceful and sacred. From the news I figure out her name and what she does. Shocked hearing the incident, I immediately phoned my girlfriend to share the story. Today I learned how many lives she touched working as volunteer in the Philippines.

With that incident, I realized how life is really full of surprises and irony. You traveled to a place to offer a hand and enjoy the view without any knowledge that it would be the end of you. Sigh!

I hope justice will soon be served for Ms.Julia Campbell.

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