idols birthday

I would like to greet Gat Jose Rizal a happy happy birthday today! here's to you for being critical and brave for fighting what is good for the country and the Filipino people!

And to Sir Paul Mc Cartney happy 64th birthday! I wonder if someone still feed you and need you when your reach that age as the song you compose goes! thank you for the music!


Two thoughts on Nepal

There is a little I know about Nepal most of it I acquired when I was in high school and geography seemed to be an interesting subject. I know that its capital is Katmandu and it’s an Asian country located in the Himalayan region plus the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, sits on Nepalese backyard.

I’m so late on sharing my thoughts on the conquest but here it goes anyway. Learning the news that 3 Filipinos climbers (Leo Oracion, Erwin Emata, Romeo Garduce) reached the peak of Mt. Everest last May 2006 made me proud as a Filipino! Overwhelmed pare! The same emotion I felt when Manny Paquiao knockouting Morales on a boxing match. The conquest of Mt. Everest of our 3 countrymen is a proof that Filipinos can do the unthinkable.

Zee, a liberal comrade from Pakistan emailed me a BBC link and mouse clicked it. I saw a familiar picture of a young man raising his arm with his people on a very defining moment. Looking closely to the picture and reading the caption, I learned that it’s Gagan Thapa. Like Zee, I met Gagan in a liberal forum in Saarbr├╝cken in 2004 and he’s one of the most outspoken and friendly delegates. The picture and his thoughts is so powerful that it would touch your heart and wish Gagan and his Nepali people would come out triumphant in their struggle to reform the political landscape of Nepal.

After a month

I survived working to my new firm for almost a month now. I knew that time would be different here, too fast. When I talk about survival in the workplace means also surviving in taking long trips to/from Alabang, late sleep and early stretching to wake up and site monitoring and dealing with a lot of people. So after a month what next? I promise to detail on things after a week. Here’s to myself emerging victorious in my new work after a month! Amen!


conspiracy gig sked

I cannot think of anything to write in today's page of my blog except to paste this Conspiracy gig sked I took from Mai. Hmm they had set up its very new website www.conspiracygardencafe.com which has long way to go on offering online amenities. But it's a good start at least the gig sked is present. Hope you'll find time to make tambay in the cozy place to conspire with Filipino high art!

59 Visayas Ave., QC (across Shell Gas Station)
tel. no. 453-2170

1 Thurs- "BLOOZE NIGHT" featuring The Bronx St. Blues Band
2 Friday- Joey Ayala
3 Saturday-Cynthia Alexander
5 Monday-Diyosa
6 Tuesday-Writers' Night (Angelo Suarez)/ Makiling Ensemble
7 Wednesday-Noel Cabangon
8 Thursday-"BALLYHOO NIGHT" featuring Sugar Hiccup, Melody Style Apt. & Prank Sinatra
9 Friday-Joey Ayala
10 Saturday- Project Mayhem
12 Monday-"FREEDOM JAM!" an Independence Day Celebration featuring Joey Ayala,
Cynthia Alexander, Noel Cabangon, Bayang Barrios and friends.
13 Tuesday- Writers' Night (Tupada)/ Updharma Down
14 Wednesday- Noel Cabangon
15 Thursday- "PINOY SOUL MOVEMENT" featuring Sino siKat? & Cosmic Love
16 Friday- Joey Ayala
17 Saturday- Cynthia Alexander
19 Monday- Gary Granada
20 Tuesday - Writers' Night (Arrest Gloria)/ "JAMMIN' REGGAE" with Brownman Revival
21 Wednesday-Noel Cabangon
22 Thursday- "BROADWAY NIGHT" featuring Melissa Reyes
23 Friday- Joey Ayala
24 Saturday - Project Mayhem
26 Monday- Paolo Santos
27 Tuesday- Writers' Night (DLSU Literary Circle)/ Cooky Chua & Mike Villegas
28 Wednesday- Noel Cabangon
29 Thursday - "INDIE JAM!" Indie Bands Open Mic Night
30 Friday- Bridge