Update on a Sunday

Totally my stomach is empty and want to grab a bowl arrozcaldo and sip it dry. Bibingka as featured in spot.ph and a hot chocolate would be fun big breakfas. Hay I miss Pinas.
The sun did not show up in Shanghai today and it makes outdoor looks eerie and feeling the winter cold you wish to get back on bed and sleep more. No sound at the moment except for the violin my neighbor always play to practice during mornings.
I plan to go outside to watch HP7 in Xintiandi, treat myself with popcorn and a tea hehehe, maybe I'd get the 2pm sked. Maybe I'd check the new electronics shop in Huai Hai Rd or go to Ikea to look for a cozy chair.
Really in my mind I could go to a lot of places but I have issue on idleness and maybe I'd blame the weather for that. Without the blue sky and the sun, winter in Shanghai is so lifeless.


I dreamt a dream

IN MY dream, I was walking along corridor its carpeted wall and column in red hue. A little later I passed two lady security who are keeping the peace in the area, passed them and in their faces disappointment. I entered a big hall, with people seating behaving and thinking. There I realized I need to take an exam for what I don't know and arrived late. I got a test paper and it seems the questions are science related. I read the instructions for answering but it made me confused rather to understand the drill.
As I flip my papers to the next, I found some questions were already answered but I felt it's deceiving and figured rather than to trust them I need to read the ? and answer them correctly as possible. A colleague seated in front as me if we could share sure answers. Then I feel so pressured looking on my papers it seems that every answers was not put rightly on their respective questions. So I started to panic, no time, and I need to redo the exam.
Then I woke up and realized everything was a dream and ask why most of my dreams of school always made give me nightmares of pressure.


Blow by blow

just finished pasta lunch at the "default" cafe nearby and head back straight to office bringing bottled cafe and a pint of choco ice cream and that their caffeine would keep me awake this afternoon. half of the office people still asleep so the typing was done in deep silence.

note my watch is 10mins ahead of firm's official Beijing time.

Listening to Beastie Boys. Intergalactic Planetary...Planetary Integalactic...

Refreshed my inbox and received an email from a colleague who is leaving the office for good. After recollection of the the film Clockwork Orange, interrupted my silence and played Beethoven Symphony No. 9 with hope to finish it's entirety.

Still on the park, designing the east side.

the next day
8:55 am
I forgot about this lit already. Arrived the office early need to present a project to client today. colleugue is late.



writing to reach you

I AM writing this one in the office where this site is restricted and can only be access by vpn. It's been awhile I know i have novel thick already of things to escribe in my mind but the usual sloth encourage me to relax and focus my energy on watching good films, and spend endless hours in facebook and tweeter as if they are my new diocese.

Today, at the office, I need to finish a park in Wuhan, a hot city in China during the summery days. I am doing option 2 and yes you can call this a filler and plan is already a revision so we hope for miracles that client would like any of the 2 options.

Just sharing Wednesday thoughts. Now despise the preposterous me.



the time spent home with friends, family, ezra and nang was wonderful enough. Home is always the best place.


Monday Movie Greats

TWO good films today that took me to two cities of Beijing and Ho Chi Minh.

The first one was called The Owl and Sparrow. Realesed in 2007, it was a story of three ordinary people who joined together by sheer love and compassion and the willingness to change and change for good in the emerging Vietnamese city. A tearjerker and a must see, this Stephane Gauger’s film proved again that simplicity could be a work of art. In this film, I admired Cat Ly, the only Vietnamese actress that I knew of and googled and found something revealing.

Late afternoon, I was streaming Go Lala Go! on Youtube cut in 9 parts. A romantic comedy with typical rags to riches as the film story’s foundation, this is China answer to Hollywood Sex and the City with ok bed scenes and The Devil Wears Prada as characters defined fashion and style with Chinese characteristic. Also, once in a while you’d see in the movie sponsors flashing here and there.

Sorry Gong Li, but I think Xu Jinglei (who played Lala and directed the movie), I think is the most beautiful Chinese actress living today.

Wala lang but the DB office building is the SOHO in Beijing where I worked for a week in the Spring of 2008.


Monday Story and Eats

THIS morning, a colleague told me she will resign from work for good. And so another industrious fellow will disappear after 30 days. This phenomenon recently is becoming a weekly routine in the office. As expected when asked why "I am tired" answer would be the reason. When asked if she already have a job she just gladly replied maybe just relax first and that felt me envious. I wish I have a privilege like that.

Anyways, started the office work with a heavy Turkish wrap breakfast which was a leftover from Sunday lunch in Anadolu by Hengshan Rd where I treated myself. By noon, I had pasta and a soup which I thought satisfactory.

Afternoon arrive, I found myself in Yangpu district checking out some 3d max and sipped 3 cups of water while in amazement of how fast these 3 workers do PS facelifting mistakes. Crossed Huang Pu River twice today and felt good to see Pudong skyscrapers dwarfing my existence of me inside the blue Shanghai taxi crawling it's way to tunnel to the other side called Puxi.

Meanwhile, my evening gluttony was satisfied with my homemade tuna cheese sandwich watching delay TV Patrol feed from Hayag until Anthony Taberna ruined my appetite.

To those who are still munching "chew your food 7 times, you can get the benefit."



I was born on a Sunday. Thank you Lord for this Day.



Happy Mother's day to my dear wife Joanna Marie Dupa-Pangilinan. The work you do, and the love you share home to my family and especially to Ezra is dearly appreciated. I say sorry for the absence in times you thought I should be there as a parent to Ez and a husband to you. Today, you are being well thought of in spite of distance, silence, and in spite of many in spite ofs. I wish you always the best in life and more happy and healthy days.

All the love, from Ezra and myself.



even with vpn, twitter and fb still block in the ofc.
galing ng IT namin



good morning sunday!


broadcasting from the darkest side of the shadow

I JUST stayed home all day long and just got out to grab a dinner bite at kfc. avoided the coke and had the terrible soup. outside, shanghai weather is again dropping. we'll have 2 degree this weekdays, maybe the last drop this winter season.
that's all for now!less is more.



it's not dead yet. yes, my blog is breathing still. It would probably best to say that it's in a coma... yes in a deep coma.