I dreamt a dream

IN MY dream, I was walking along corridor its carpeted wall and column in red hue. A little later I passed two lady security who are keeping the peace in the area, passed them and in their faces disappointment. I entered a big hall, with people seating behaving and thinking. There I realized I need to take an exam for what I don't know and arrived late. I got a test paper and it seems the questions are science related. I read the instructions for answering but it made me confused rather to understand the drill.
As I flip my papers to the next, I found some questions were already answered but I felt it's deceiving and figured rather than to trust them I need to read the ? and answer them correctly as possible. A colleague seated in front as me if we could share sure answers. Then I feel so pressured looking on my papers it seems that every answers was not put rightly on their respective questions. So I started to panic, no time, and I need to redo the exam.
Then I woke up and realized everything was a dream and ask why most of my dreams of school always made give me nightmares of pressure.

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