just waiting

I am in a net café somewhere near the side of new FEU building (which by the way I architecturally exteriorly admire) and waiting for the blueprint copies of the building plans I assigned to a friend to work on. It has been more than 4 months since I was commissioned by my former co-employee as his architect for the project. The fee is really cheap and I think I just want to offer a help and shrugs in the future if my Samaritan deed will vaporize me.

But I have been busy when I got a work in my new office in Alabang and even busier when I got employed in a landscape firm in Makati. So I’d ask a friend, Jane to help me out in the project to do the project in Cadd and sacrificing all my previous accomplishment done manually. Now, I wait for the blueprint and at this moment, my nasal system is early to complain the acidic scent it has about to endure in a bit.

I miss writing and blog writing in particular. My present work, though I am loving it, is yes occupying my time to do my weekly if not monthly online literary vice. My head is filled with comments, theses, ideas and blah blah blah to express in this page but to no avail.

In the end, I hope you will excuse me for the meantime because I have an obligation to the corporate world and make the world a better place! And I sounded like a trapo with that cliché.


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