Me Undergoes Blog Education

I first heard about EXPRESS YOURSELF seminar when I checked my goggle mail. I receive a lot of junk mails but whenever I got mails that banners the name FNF I saw in my pc screen the Dr. Meinardus instructing me sayin"Arch (as he fondly calls me) you better have to read this. Seriously, as a firm believer of liberalism, my respect to the foundation and to other liberal organizations is very high and so I mouse clicked the FNF inbox and read the details.

Learning that the workshop would be about blogging and podcasting, the blog addict in me felt so excited that on that day I decided that I would definitely attend to the seminar. For me, training people to be good and well equipped in this kind of media was very timely and so innovative. And so I wrote my why-do-you-like-to-join-essay, sent it and received the good news that I was selected to participate in the event. Yahoo!

I grabbed the opportunity simply because I need to be trained on this medium. Blogging is a very powerful medium to communicate to the world and I think the foundation sponsored workshop would help me to clear and define the message in my online literature. To learn something from the connoisseurs of blogging and have talk about it with other participants would really be a memorable and cool experience.

Now, with day zero one of the workshop almost done, my brain is overflowing with knowledge about the power of blogging.

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meinardus said...

... thanks arch, when will you start sharing with us the pics on (liberal) arch---itecture? all the best, and keep on blogging. you have so much to say!