Amici di Don Bosco

If you and your friends are craving to have a taste of Italian cuisine and this time you want really authentic Italian yet very home made visit Amici di Don Bosco. The restaurant serves best pasta and pizza in town that if you taste their carbonara it would enchant you and somehow feel you’re dining somewhere in Rome or Florence.

Located along Pasay Road near Don Bosco Technical School in Makati, Amici di Don Bosco, translates as “Friends of Don Bosco”, is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm I think. FYI: The Don Bosco community maintain Amici

The restaurant boasts no elegant and fancy interiors. The walls and ceiling are painted in off white hue which reminds me of my university canteen back in college years. But who cares, when I arrived there to eat lunch last Friday the place was pack with people ordering, eating and talking like in a fiesta athmosphere. A good plate would cost you around P150.00 or less so bring a lot of baon.

To complete your meal I would advice you to kindly have a taste of their pistachio gelato and experience the friendship of good Italian food that Amici has to offer. Ciao!

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guten appetit!