Day 1 : Arrival to Home

The plane took off from PVG airport around past one in the morning already. I felt that every passenger except myself had a nice sleep in the course of the sound air travel of 5J679. I was too tired also never had a nap and I felt that the travel hours took so long. So I busied myself reading in flight magazine and That’s Shanghai which I brought and thinking crazy things about two flight attendants stayed in the cockpit closed door for so long. And does anybody notice that the CP female flight crew, most of them, has stunning above average bosom size?

The plane landed before the break of dawn and docked in NAIA terminal 3 which possessed terrible and cheap airport interiors. The big event meanwhile was seeing your family waiting for you in the main arrival hall. Ezra grew big and beautiful and love the color of hair. The boy was a snob and would always launch his crying mode in my attempt to carry him and chose to remain the same here at home that even my bribe, toy cars, were futile. Though for some few seconds Ez would forgot this and would give me a warm smile that would melt me heart.

Earlier this afternoon, I went Malolos to get money from the bank and to buy Ez medicine. Riding the jeepney again felt good, but lamented on the Northrail project being abandoned and the capital streetscape a complete mess. I also hoped that the Mc Arthur highway widening/rehab would not cause deluge to the low lying elementary school of Tikay. The highlight was that I had a Jollibee burger steak meal for mirienda.

Today, I had only few hours of sleep my heart was so happy being home again.

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