Bomb Shelter, Xmas Party and Pacman

OK SOME short quick update.

Saturday night I checked out my officemate JK with his band called Bomb Shelter debut gig in Damuqiao road. The place I already wrote it here is an underground architecture, with winding passages and houses many rooms now was now converted to a place where amateur bands could practice. They rented this black painted wall big long room, set up their things with colored lights like stars dancing on the ceiling and played rock ‘n roll for 3 hours. Audience who were mostly band friends thoughtfully brought beers and snacks to share while listening on hard rock music created by the band. Bomb Shelter comprised of Paul onvocals/ guitars, JK on drums and the one who played the bass who unfortunately I forgot his name. They did mostly Oasis, Van Halen, Hendrix and others rock covers enough to seize the night and defy gravity.

Sunday meanwhile was spent with friends and kababayan in a very far Shanghai northern district called Jiading. The Consulate was so thoughtful to give the OFW a Christmas Party with free foods and drink to debauch, souvenirs to take, and prices to win.

Earlier that day we watched live Paquiao De la Joya boxing match on HBO PPV. Like most of the Filipino around the world watching the greatest show on earth, everyone in the conference room cheered for Manny Paquiao as he dethroned the golden boy without fear and victoriously.

In my mind I’m conceiving two online projects in but really not happy to share until everything is ok. So I’d bomb this site with a lots of Out of Words post as an ever lame excuse to my idleness to write.

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