Beautiful Boy Ez

Dear Ezra,

You are one of the two best things that happen to me. The other one is having Nang your mother and loving her everyday of my life. I love you always that it makes my life so beautiful. Keep smiling on video and pictures I am receiving from there they make my dull Shanghai room with rainbows and stars. I miss you muchly my Ez and hope to see you soon and celebrate life at its best. To my beautiful baby Ezra Mari happy happy 1st birthday. I wish you good health, happiness, and all the love in the world. I love you so much.

Love, Embraces + Kisses,



daye said...

Happy Birthday Ez! :D I wish you many girls to sought after you...but please don't make them cry.

Ninang Daye

phynkee said...

Happy Birthday to Ez! pasensya na di kami nakapunta... may reunion din kasi kami that day.