Going Down

A MONTH after the multi billion dollar firm in the US, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy the world market slowed down and now plummeting. The talk of recession and crisis, governments and international banks injecting loads of money to market to save corporate world from collapsing dominates news headlines.

I have been keeping an eye on these events lately though my knowledge in market matters is really limited to few things I learned from reading online and watching news. It pushed me to know if global trading went bad or OK at the end of the day. With a billion dollar reserves China seems strong for now but also its GDP growth depends much in their export to the West saying this I know China would not be immune with the crisis. I received news from friends in ShenZhen and HongKong that their companies reducing their work force and weeks ago, our Shanghai office saying economy was not going well blah blah blah encouraged us to be thrifty these trying times, cutting some cost and announced, and this hit me, that there would be layoff as to when and who and how many I have no idea. This freaks me out especially when you ask the “what if?” question to yourself. I just hope that they would do good and fair in the cleansing.

The future is uncertain and its really much these days. Anyway I really hope things would change for good and the graph arrow would soon go up and up around the world.


Shanghai weather’s getting colder everyday about 17C today and tonight is raining and this makes the missing grows more for home, for Ez and Nang. You are being well thought of and that keeps me well and hopeful.


eio said...

Hopefully managers listened well to that and start collecting payables…

catherine said...

Kuya Xeth,

HuHuHu. It is really bad timing to be here in US :( Everyone is in crisis... being a moron-- even more! Anywei, I'm sure kawalan po ng company mo kung magkamali sila ng decision sayo :)

xhris said...

eio..let's all be hopeful that mgrs would really do their job in collecting.

catz... thnx for the nice comment i am adding you in my link if you dont mind.