In CinderelLea's Own Little Corner

FOUND MYSELF yesterday night in one of the oldest theater in Shanghai, Majestic Theater near Nanjing Xi Lu watching Cinderella the musical. Lea Salonga played as the charming rag to riches young lady Cinderella and indeed Lea was the main reason why I went ala Broadway to watch this Rodgers and Hammerstine’s theatrical version of this classic fairytale story. I never saw Lea performed live singing or acting on a play. I know she’s world class good but that day I never thought she could be magically magnificent. (Hi Daye!). In her voice, dwelt an enchantment that would captivate the audience to believe that music, theater and art are good and should be love forever.

It was a relaxing feeling to watch musical play like Cinderella with very good thespians giving life to the colorful and wonderful venue called stage. First time to hear live music from orchestra and I thought that there was really something great in hearing live score. I personally like the song "In My Own Little Corner" and Lea did well it’s version that would make Julie Andrews happy.

Backstage, the ever so kind Lea signed my used ticket as a souvenir for my first musical play attendance and Lea did say cheese with us already starstruck for a picture deserve for Friendster gallery. Lea recently had an interview about her new musical and her coming to China and I thought you might want to listen here and know how Lea super loves the Philippines in spite of.

My conceited self was happy to know the prince in Cinderella was named Christopher.


daye said...

I HATE YOU! You were able to get Lea's autograph without thinking that I haven't get mine first! I hate you! I hate you! But you can make amends by giving it to me. ;)

Btw, the prince is not named just Christopher but....

His royal highness Christopher Rupert Guinjemir Vladimir Carol Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot German Gregory James...HE'S GIVING A BALL...

Don't be conceited. Haha.

My fave song is "Do I love you because you're wonderful..."

Miss you. Let's share stories.

phynkee said...
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phynkee said...

buti pa kayo nakapagpa-autograph! umulan kagabi right after the show...kainis!

eio said...

Lea was amazing....I was smiling like a kid in that show.

Kotsengkuba said...

i also watched the cinderella in shanghai though you had better photos and your ticket was signed by lea. hmpt!!!