Dear JOHN LENNON (1940-1980)

I learned about the Beatles when I was in high school when ABC 5 played your music videos over and over again in their test broadcast. I thought your music was great and that inspired me to play a guitar. I had hard time strumming the D-G-A chords of your "Twist and Shout" loyal to its beat. But upon mastering that one I know I was ready to play rock 'n roll. Amongst the Beatles I confess, I am your sheer and die hard fan not because you were so good looking in the Let It Be album cover but because I understood you and your music at the same time. You shared us how you view life in your music. The dreamy "A Day in the Life" and and "Julia", a beautiful song you wrote for your mom, are I must say my all time favorites for the simplicity and the poetry that resides in them.

Who would not want your greatest opus "Imagine". The song became a personal peace anthem to me after watching the movie "Killing Fields." Always when I hear this song, I would stop to realise that still mankind compassion would always prevail over chaos, evil and hatred.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you John Lennon.You were supposed to be 68 today but it's ok your music still lives on and I would gladly tell to my son how wonderful you are as an artist, musician and a peace activist. You are always been an inspiration to me and a influential being in believing that all we need is love for world peace and harmony. Thank you for the music, Sir John Lennon.

We miss you and we love you Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

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