Nothing to do except to write this note even my eyes are so tired and my mind flying. To Jing An last night I went with my camera and tried taking pictures utilizing user defined mode. Strong color and more saturated. Walking back to home I realize the air is getting colder now must be and pondered that autumn must be starting now. MyTV was still unfixed, because of electrical surge created by the lightning that struck the building last week. So my energy I waste to my pc going online to make my weekend less miserable. Slept last night around 2pm downloading music from Limewire and felt quite happy getting the song Square Room which I was a fave back in the 80’s. I put it in my external and filed it in my new wave collection. Loud series of thunder woke me up this morning. The circuit breaker shut down and for a long period of time I was to lazy to stand and turn it on. Today, the streets to work namely Wulumuqi and Hua Shan Rd were submerged in water and most of my officemates came late from work. So today I learned the Chinese word for flood “ hong shui.”

I feel so lazy writing this entry.

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