The Summer of Shanghai

This Saturday I met John and Cha and sailed down south Dino Beach Waterpark in Minghan district, several minutes cab drive from Xinzhuang metro station. For some strange reason (read: katangahan), we rode a wrong bus that took us in a wrong direction far far away from the venue and later got soak by the afternoon rain but these disappointments never did stop us from getting t our summer destination. We arrive before dawn in this Jurrasic inspired water theme park. Nothing special except that it’s big with typical resort amenities and a beach complete with sand and waves as its popular attraction. That day there were a lot of locals and I mean A LOT in there swim suites were ready to get wet and take the plunge. Who cares about Olympics in Beijing when you have the sand, sun and fun to enjoy this season. We went there to see this man made summer escapade enjoy the waves but the main reason really was to see some skin and damn we were not disappointed. The much awaited Honey Beach 2008 competition staged there and boy the crowd went wild as the honeys dance and modeled bikini clad. While everything was unfolding before my eyes, the infamous theme of Bikini Open, ah bikini ah ah bikini, was humming in my mind.

The following are just pure and colorful supplementary images to learn more the science called anatomy.

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