Few Notes and Things

At the office, I was listing down few things on my notebook. Most of them unwritten and locked in my mind. Since all of them are trivial I think I can write it down here so you could have a look. Some thoughts though I just made today.

1. I need to buy new Levis Jeans. My latest was months old and my first one doesn’t fit anymore. The idleness in me and Chinese food made my tummy big I guess. I have having second thought buying because it’s expensive here in Shanghai. I got my last one 800rmb. Maybe I should wait several months more to purchase L in Manila.

2. I need a backpack. I was canvassing and looking for a week now for this one. My shoulder bag, no matter how cool it looks, it really doesn’t fit and heavy when I do travel. I want something blue or black and would fit my camera and some clothing and abubot. Jansport is giving me unfashionable and dull styles.

3. I need to update my resume and SOW. My contract would end next month and the office has the power to renew or not. This also means my residence visa would expire soon. Just a precaution you know, giving your highlights to others won’t hurt you.

4. I need to blog something other than travel and the art. Naks! More I need to be productive and creative writing literature for my space. Topics like poetry, politics and personal life I yearn to include here so love and hate would also feel here. Lately I was pushing myself in learning html and stalking at others blogger writing style and page layout. Lately also, I was making my existence known through this blog. Yes, I have been extinct, figuratively disappeared in creative realm called art.

5. I am keeping a notebook and hope all thoughts I can unleash from my minds and sketch, draw or write them on its pages. I like the idea for this one. I have been thinking of doing this since college. So far I already have several pages used and seeing them made me happy. See how so trivial these were

* * *

Few things more before I end this one.

Month ago some people starting installing wooden scaffolding in the building were I lodged. Thought they would paint the building but it took awhile to understand that they would start plastering it walls with cement to soften it and hope one day they would paint it for good to hide its shabby interior. I might live in a former French Concession area but boy my building like me is poor.

Today like any ordinary days I arrived home from work. But the lights wouldn’t turn on. I u in my sala and there seemed no electricity flowing on the wires of this house. The circuit breaker switch was off and so I push it up and viola! Later, I found out that the TV wasn’t working and when tried to turn on gave me a scent of something like a burning wires. My theory was that the something happens inside this tube that shut down the circuit breaker. These days, as Olympics Games unfolds in Beijing, TV is very important for updates.

Speaking of Olympics, have you seen the opening ceremony? It was grand, very oriental and very spectacular. I personally like the taichi, the drums rolling, the paper and the printing machine thing, and even the singing of the March of the Volunteers was emotional and breathtaking. Even though it took just 15 minutes to see them I was proud to cheer with Filipino athletes participating in the Games.

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