Notes on Going Back Home

I am three nights away from Manila. Yes, after more than 5 months working in Shanghai I am returning home just in time to celebrate my birthday and couple of important things. I realized that preparing myself getting there was focused more on looking and buying pasalubongs for love ones and relatives. I was thinking of these things even as early as last week. It seems I can’t get away with this tradition even I was a self proclaimed modern man.

Anyway, Sunday I roamed the shopping malls of Xujiahui, the streets of BaoShan, Fuxing and Shanxi and squeezed myself in the alleys of this Tutuban like commercial edifice in Yu Yuan to get something to bring home.

In Yu Yuan, I bought steel key chains. The seller showed me secretly Olympics mascots keychains and I was so excited that I purchased two boxes them perhaps because I dreamed of having some. Knock offs summer games souvenirs were very hard to find unless you’d purchase originals on authorized stores original but expensive. That's how the Chinese love this upcoming event that they won't allow such domestic piracy on goods related to Beijing Olympics.

Meanwhile, upon learning that he airport charged 50rmb per kilo if baggage exceeds 20kgs, my paranoia caused me to buy a weighing scale awhile ago. Who would want to spend more on the baggage fee more than the baggage itself. My luggage registered 17kgs and I hope it would stay that way.

I miss Manila and my hometown province so much. I have a lot of stories to tell you about this country so please Manila receive me with your open arms and give me a good dawn in my coming.

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