The Best of May

Today, the festive month of May 2008 will come to a close. I have always love this month firstly and obviously because it provided me a day to welcome me on this earth. Secondly, the month is blooming with warm colors of festivities and flowers which would topples any month in the Gregorian calendar wanting to contest.

Mid May I arrived in Manila and the city gave me a nice dawn as we drove NLEX to my provincial hearth. This was after the airplane greeted us with gloomy sky and early thurderstorm as we approached the tropical realm. I would complain about the heat but innately I would just shrugs and just appreciate the weather.

Three times I went back to Manila from Bulacan. I visited shopping malls mostly and realized still the best place to hang out during summer days. The commercial edifices of Ortigas, Gateway, Trinoma and SM still attract a lot of Filipino enjoying its indoor services. During this so called mall tour, I had a chance to see my friends and chat with them eating in not so cheap dinner at CIBO and sipping café in between.

Anyway, to further reinforcing my biased to May I celebrated my day of existence on the 23rd day and with happy reassurance that Mitch Albom and Jewel still were older than me. It was a simple day of celebration but to immortalize it the day was memorable for two things. It was my first birthday as a father and my last as a single man. Thanks to Friendster many known and unknown friends remembered my day and greeted me online. Greenpeace was kinda thoughtful enough to send me tasteful and very environmental graphic birthday cake. Yummy!

My 5 months young son, Ezra was baptized on a Catholic faith on a Sunday. Just a comment that I was so dissapointed that the christening mass happened so fast. I don’t know but I felt something lacking with the ceremony that the solemnity was incomplete. Anyway, everything went ok on the reception. Brother invited a band to perform and makes the reception somehow unique and a wow!

There was also the exchanging of I dos happened on a one fine day that made Nang and myself husband and wife. The wedding was simple but every detail of it I will cherish for the rest of my life. Ahhhhh!!!

There you go. I hope you enjoyed reading my May tales.

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