10 or 11 Things I fancy to do when in Home

Whilst unbusy at the office, my fingers started to push the keyboards and came up with personal list of what to do when I got back in Manila. These come in random:

  1. Eat Jollibee burger stake rice meal with mushroom sauce on top. My mouth always craves for this fatty unhealthy creation by this popular fast food chain in the Philippines since college days. Munching this with Tabasco sauce would make my day. Yummy!!!
  2. The 70% of myself whispered in my ear to Go Swimming!!! I need to dive into the pool to revive myself. I hope there’ll be good sunshine in my two weeks stay there. Bulacan prides some best and cozy resorts so the venue would not be a problem.
  3. Buy print. FHM, yes I collect this glossy zine since 2003, (pero madami na kong kulang) only to be surprised that feature models showing less “skin” and articles getting soo corny and lacks excitement unlike when a certain Eric run the this. Biased! Me also wants to visit Powerbooks Filipina sections and have a look of Jim Paredes’ paperback collection, buy some perhaps to be added in my collection of unread manuscripts.
  4. Myself would like also to saunter the aisle of Odessey and Music One to check on some local music bands CDs worth to download in my pc. I am still looking for Rinka and Outerhope, for the record.
  5. Eat chopsuey saute with love by Nang. My Baby always do this cuisine better than everyone else. Lakas. I figured I love eating gulay when she flavored the dish with chicken liver, and fish or squid ball with soft sticky sauce. Hope she read this. Please!!!! Kung gusto mo samahan ng chicken adobo mas ok!
  6. Update my Multiply account. For some strange reason, I always could'nt access it here and using proxies would only make things more difficult. I need to post pictures and reply to comments and add some of new Multiply friends. Twice already that Multiply warned me that they will cancelled my account if I won’t deleted some copyright songs. I need to erase some of them before it’s too late.
  7. Maybe I could squeeze sometime, to hear local bands at Conspiracy Garden Cafe while sipping a nice San Miguel Lights in a smoke free gig hall. I miss the Manila Indie music scene. (By the way, how much is a bottle of Lights nowadays???) Kampai!!!
  8. See friends and more friends to make kuento and vice versa. But I don’t have much of pasalubong ok? (Maybe I'd combine this with number 7 so i could squeeze one mor fantasy.)
  9. Watch Indiana Jones IV at Gateway or MOA and experience again Speilberg and Lucas magic with John Williams doing the scores. Dandarandan dandaran!!
  10. I am to freeze Manila in 2 dimension with my EOS. Yabang! So I would forget the thought that I should have waited several weeks more with my SLR replacement EOS 450d to be out in the market.
  11. Lastly, be a proud daddy to Ez. Make amends times. I miss this beautiful boy of mine. I dreamt of Ez several times here. I love the idea of Ez smiling back at me and falling asleep in my arms. But Nang would love the idea of me changing my son diapers! Aw!

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daye said...

I myself can't wait and eager to hear your China stories. :D

Welhome come daddy tops. You can dispense with your pasalubong for me but I am expecting an invitation sa Conspiracy, swimming, etc.

And of course ang sunod-sunod na pagpapahigop mo ng mainit na sabaw sa mahabang dulang.hehe.

Travel safe.