NEEDless to say

I got this "panuto" from Marie's facebook.

Type your name into Google with the word needs in quotes. For example: "(your name here) needs". Write the first 10 results in a note, comment and tag friends.

So I tried it myself, and used my name in full and viola!!!
here's what i need according to Google.

1. Christopher needs Blog cadre (no i don't need one.)
2. Christopher needs to be eliminated (are you threatening me??!!
3. Christopher needs a P. A (female please, sexy, beautiful, and can do head massage hehehe)
4. Christopher needs Tech Support. (hmm i want a web designer for facelift my blog, yes!)
5. Christopher needs London. (I want to be there but if you're referring to Victoria, ok lang)
6. Chris needs Hospital Appeal. (clueless)
7. Chris needs Wikipedia. (Yup, useful site to stop me from wondering.)
8. Christopher needs A Kiss Doll. F doll would be better.
9. Christopher needs to relax and forget about what is going on. I love this. very true.
10.Christopher needs Eastwood. ( might be referring to Gran Torino, Clint latest film, haven't watch that yet.

Try it and have fun!!!


kcalii...the dreamer said...

gran torino

maganda po ung story pero wag mong panoorin ng gabi kasi baka hindi mo matapos kuya, medyo boring... pero kailangan mong maging matyaga kasi ok naman ang story... ganun po yata lahat ng clint film

nang said...

female P.A.???????????baka gusto mong maging single sabihin mo lang....