what to write here today? (thinking...)

1. I was so busy in the office last month with Qingdao project going late night to home and even working on weekends yes Sunday included. I welcomed the first day March very awake getting out of the office around 4am already. Anyway, the work have been done and hope the government would be happy on our output.
2. I stop blogging and taking pictures for awhile because of the too much work.
3. I never stop watching films though, I enjoyed watching Frost/Nixon and not enjoyed Synechdoche NY which made me naive to profound thoughts that bored me so much and quit viewing. There was this DVD shop in Xinle road, 10minutes walk from my place, and it's the source of my collection but 12rmb per movie/cd is quite expensive than the 5rmb u get in the streets. But I like the shop because the dvd movie are filed accordingly and they have tons of it.
4. I am loving being a pirate fishing good stuffs on torrent pond mostly downloading audio and H.
5.Shanghai is wet and very cold and I hate it. I wish the sun would show up this weekend and temperature would rise to 15degC.
6. After so much stressful days at work I drug myself with vitamins now. China is giving us a lot of vegetables during lunch and lately I am enjoying muching apples and fruits.
7. Office scheduled me a project for competition. I think this is very challenging and I like the task that requires me to think for some gimmicks to make it stand.
8. My passport expires May, so does my visa. I pray next week I could escape office go to the consulate and renew it at once.
9. The effect of recession roams around the city like a serial killer at large and the way it takes away someone job or lower the salary is fast and furious. Once in awhile you'd hear stories, sad one, and you just wish that life would go on after.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend everyone!!!

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