Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle

I DID rock musical Saturday with some friends here in Shanghai. Actually, I was just invited and I brought Louie’s in after meeting him at Jing An park were we saw Banda Kawayan on a cheap stage producing best music out from their bamboo instruments.

We rode 3 metro lines to get there. The session venue was built underground in No. 93 Lingling Road and myself agreed that it was former bomb shelter but hearing the loud music coming from the rooms while passing its hallway the new purpose was define so boldly.

Anyway, the plus minus 16 sqm room was ok for band practice with amenities like amplifier, chords microphones, and drums set. As everyone partake to create noise and music all together everybody seem to be immortal again.

Indeed, Music is Life!!!

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daye said...

You should have showed-off your "Queme" and "Imortal" pieces and let them listen to its wonderful musical arrangement.