Sa Kabilang Dulo ng Earth Video

While watching some of Howie Severino's docu in YouTube, I stumbled on this video that carry this 4-chord song in A major entitled “Sa Kabilang dulo ng Mundo” by a band called Peryodiko, with former Twisted Halo, Vin Dacel singing. I love the rhyming of Tagalog words in the song which reminded me of Gary Granada or Dong Abay prowess on this. It would go boring for listening several times and with a nice synth drum beat I think you can mixed it with Oasis' Champagne Supernova. But for know I love this song. I like this that I wrote the lyrics in my notebook. Baduy!

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daye said...

Daddy Tops,

Hmmmm, mukhang relevant yung song sa ating mga LDR ha?

Hehe..Send me the lyrics. :D

Di ko pa maplay kc can't broke SC's firewall.Hahha..

Miss you po!