mooncake, eureka, et al.

The weekdays fast like it’s only three days. Sobrang bilis but still payday takes too long to happen. This weekend would end on Monday for the Chinese to celebrate all over China, the Mid Autumn Festival on September 14. In Shanghai, you’d see people in long queue to buy mooncake in the bakery. Today, I felt the mall and the metro were too crowded. People do malling or just going home to reunite with their family for the holiday is traditionally kin day as oriental farmers make a toast to end the harvest. It is also encourage to eat mooncake under a moon this holiday and this I find poetic.

I finally get rid of Windows Genuine Authentication notice in my pc before dawn today. That Microsoft crap was plaguing my pc for months now till today with much help from digital life blog.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Hengdian in Zhejiang Province and would write details to you when I go back..

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