Towering Thoughts

Well some office really have the best view one could ask for and this one on the 24th floor in East Zhong Shan rd, were we had today's unscheduled meeting meets the criteria. Hope by this time you'd realized that the author corporate nest is too ordinary. The client's office is not that luxurious and it's space just manageable but it gives you a good look of Huang Pu River and Pudong skyline which is dominated by the towering heights of Jin Mao and the Shanghai World Finnancial Center which is scheduled to be finished and inaugurated this month.
But a month before SFWC announced completion, already the edifice was dwarfed by the so called "Dragon" or Shanghai Center, the winning design skyscraper by an American firm called Gensler and was given a green light to be built in Lujiazui finnancial district. The twisting Dragon is said to be the highest man made structure in China rising at 580 metres and has a great chance to be the second tallest building after Dubai's Burj unless someone proposed another that would out height the two. Wow!the scale!

Anyway, I fancy that by that time I would have a room with a perfect view and these buildings included or maybe a desktop image in my pc would be enough at least I can change them as my mood requires it.
Or maybe I'll just go to sleep to halt this daydreaming.

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nang said...

nice fantasy of yours....