Huizhou, just Huizhou

I reached Huizhou last Friday one of the Guandong Province cities. It’s a 2 hour away drive from Shenzhen Airport (yes Hongkong is closer but pity it’s not the destination) because it was another one of business trip I did not see much of the city except from the window of the van. Pity again. Getting to Huizhou’s meant passing these mountains with slope now cladded by rip rap stones or reinforced concrete preventing erosion on thoroughfares. Likewise adjacent to plants and factories you'd see box like medium rise dwellings, painted in pastel colors of yellow and beige. I guessed these house the Chinese migrant workers that building and modernizing Shenzhen or Guangzhou. Huizhou has its own lake named West Lake, yes like the one in Hangzhou complete with a tower pavilion and causeway for a fine scenery. Huizhou was by far the most southern most Chinese city I have been, or was it Shenzhen? And they speak Cantonese here that made me lost in translation again in meetings or even ordering sandwiches for a late night chow. When darkness fell, I felt Huizhou slept early. No Starbucks city mug souvenir this time just a memory of travel and lots of wishful thinking.

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