Women's Day

To celebrate Women's International Day the office gave all the female employee dozen of roses and some box of skin lotions each. On their faces you could see that the ladies were very happy after recieving the gifts and the male population wondered when would the Men's Day going to happen. Long time officemates residents of Shanghai told me that other offices really pampered girls sometimes giving them movie passes and is usually half day at work to celebrate the day. These small details amazed me about Shanghai and China as a whole.
In Manila meanwhile I saw on TV that a left leaning women sector marching on streets calling on GMA to step down which was seem to me a not so newsworthy anymore beacauseI have seen the gimik year ago.
Anyway, to Nang, to Victoria, to Estella, and to all the women I loved and those who hated me...all the love in the world to you all. Men's life is full of color and drama having you guys around

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