once upon a lazy sunday

I lost my keys in my dream and wondered when concious the what's the meaning behind it.
By noon I was still daydreaming and still in bed. Maybe because of the film I watched. It was called ONCE and felt so happy after watching it. I have been deprived here of brilliant films and accidentaly I found the dvd copy of this film in a store. Yes, in Shanghai you'd find botiques selling legally knock offs dvds for a good price. Anyway this feel good movie is like a ne form of musicale. I love the way it ended and I felt ok the thespians did'nt have sex. The music is superb and later found out online that the song Falling Slowly grab the Oscar.
I was too lazy to go to St Peter's and decided to eat lunch late. I had a nice bath and still as I left my abode. I walk along Changle road with my camera hanging on me to take pictures but later found out that after a few shots batteries would run out.
In Garden Books, I bought a book URBANATOMY that talks of Shanghai like a Lonely Planet kind of paperback but with lots of in depth stories, colorful pictures and oh! print advertisements. The bookstore don't give bags for free to carry well your book and would cost you 10 yuan to purchase them.
I ate beef risotto and drank coke in a pasta resto in Parkson and wandered on the floors of the mall wondering what to buy but to no avail i felt too lazy to carry things.
Walking along Xinle I felt so sad walking alone and missed home. Indeed some roads were not meant to travel just by yourself.
Out of curiosity I rememebered the Shanghai Expat announcement. So I took a cab and went to Red Beat in Tong Ren. I checked out the Pinoy live band performing in the afternoon. They sang Filipino cover pop and drank cold SMB.
I went home before dusk and felt sleepy once again but still thinking of my assignment with Ed. The day was about to end but still my mind was unable to function writing technical story for our little project.

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