stealing beux and non beux

This week I bought myself Cannon EOS 400d so I can pursue my dream to freeze people, places and events in canvas. This is the very first camera that I bought in my entire life and paid 5800rmb for it. My liking to photography as an art seemed to start a decade ago that every time I got hold of a camera I see to it that I would produce a best shot with best angle.
The wanting to have the instrument grew more when I traveled to amazing places possess with scenes and smiles I only see on books and films. I felt incomplete and embarrass when I get to such places only to preserve those spots, those beautiful faces and cultures in the corner of your memories with limited words to describe them. I went to romantic city called Paris with 36 film shots and climbed the ancient mountains of the north saying cheese at my friend’s camera. I set foot to the mystic islands of Batanes and stored the solitude of landscapes in my mind with few shots for Friendster utilization from the office owned camera.
Pity that my technological advancement in photography was having a Sony Ericsson phone with built in cam. But I have to commend them for being with me they preserved some of the images and people my mind is limited to describe.
Today and to the days that will come, I will embark myself to learn this art. I wish my instrument could learn each other well to capture both the beautiful and not, the good and the bad, the balance and the asymmetrical, and the sacred and the evil.

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