A week after

I missed online writing. I have been busy busy busy with my new work. You can’t blame me because I just have a little spare time to go online. I usually leave my Sta. Mesa Apartment at 6am and return around 9pm if Edsa would be free from heavy traffic.

The work demands a lot of your time but I am quite enjoying working with the new firm much more if I could eliminate the long distance sojourn of getting there. My new office assigned to monitor works of the more than a million worth two storey residential sits in a sloppy site in Ayala Alabang Village. Its 90% finished yet we need to finish it quick. Soon I will upload details in my architecture blog about this. Let’s all hope.

When you’r busy with work you’d be ignorant with what’s happening with to the Philippines and to the rest of the world. (e.g. it’s only today that I found out that Chris Daughtry is out) My mind is thirty for worthy news that I found myself so surprised with the abrupt change of weather season and lately I found out that Caloy was ready to spoil and give end to our long summer days.

Yes, whilst most of you are still in deep sleep, you’d fine me on a jeep, MRT, and on a bus southbound. So goodbye sloth at least for a meantime and I would be very satisfied if you don’t come back.

That’s it for now I still have more than 30 messages in my Gmail waiting to be declassified. Out!

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