A long and tiring drive from the south makes me look so tired that even I feel the uncomfortness while I sit and type . My mind seems to have limited powers to process a thought. It’s like an apple now without a juice. Clearly I am not an advocate of Saturday work. Sigh! Anyway, I am here to write on something very important.

Midnight was at its dawn. I was in my deep sleep perhaps dreaming of an extended summer vacation by the beach somewhere Palawan without a care in the world when someone woke me up and blindfolded me! It was Jan doing his evil plots with participation of my condo mates. Barefoot and wearing just a gray shorts, the group forcibly took me outside and rode to a car and drove me around Manila made a 2 stops to perhaps excite me and blah blah blah blah. My kidnappers running out of things to do took me back home and spread Selecta ice cream on my half naked body. To satisfy their sadist exploits and to documents their conquest, someone took pictures of my annual

Thanks guys! Wait for my vengeance!

Thanks to those who SMS greet me.

Here is to the next good year and to world peace!

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