Here comes that rain again

Just arrived in Manila tuesday from shanghai, the evening weather is fine and we were caught on traffic in quezon blvd, yes the underpass was still unpassable.
friday, i went to our office in makati while its ok going inside Metro Manila from Bulacan the leaving was an absolute struggle. Ayala mrt station was packed with passengers wanting to ride the train to get home. it's impossible to get ticket easy, so my friend ed decided to walk from to the next depot... magallanes. It's a painstaking task we walked 20mins greeted by rains along the way.
We made it gasping our breath but still a long queue for security check as in very long.
We managed to get inside the train Taft bound, the coaches going on the other side were packed with people, so we did roundtrip as Ed coined the ride getting in the last station but not getting out from the coach.
In north EDSA the situation was the same, lots of people, long queues, and few transportation to take the waiting home.
After the experience, I thought I don't want to go back to Manila during rainy times then I thought again i thought like that because Shanghai must spoiled me for her better infrastructure and comfortable services.
And so I woke up or I have awoken the Filipino in me and started to behave myself that Manila still the best. She survived many wars and conflict, emerged from thousands storms and countless natural disasters. So these days that weather is treating Manila and the rest of the Philippines so badly let's remain hopeful and stay safe.

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