my Friday travels

I was with Pinoy friends touring this vast Shanghai New International Expo Center in Longyang. They were exhibiting building materials products mostly tiles and ceramics inside the five huge warehouses of the center. The experience reminded me of UAP convention days with me collecting brochures and swatches et al and placing them on bags and proudly carrying them. This time though I was impressed with the large scale and hip design of the participants kiosks more than the products they were promoting. I avoided taking brochures most of them are architectural and interior thingy anyways and busied myself taking pictures on some good finishing and sights. One find i like was the all granite water closet.

Outdoor, I was in awe of how monstrous the site was. The curvilinear roof of building of glass and steel seemed an airport terminal to me. Walking on this cemented paving, I saw Chinese men lifting trusses building a temporary and very easy to assemble warehouse.

My first time also to visit DECATHLON a popular shopping mecca for sports enthusiasts with affordable prices.

On my way home I bought a book called WOLF TOTEM by a Chinese author named Jiang Rong. There have been much talk of this book, now translated in English, in both TV and print.

Lastly, today while I was looking for nice movie to watch in a DVD store I witnessed a group of young men attacked a boutique in Xinle road in downtown Shanghai. They smashed the display windows and glass counter with g.i. pipes they got from the trunk of the car parked near the boutique. This happened in broad day light with many people passing by. Everything was done in less than 5 minutes and the mob left after bringing back their pipes on the car running away from the crime scene.

I could play in my mind dozen reasons behind the onslaught but I left that to the police to figure out. I always look Shanghai a safe and friendly city but today’s experience proved that I was not 100% correct. Let me finish this piece with hmmmmm.

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