let it snow.

today is tuesday and though the falling snow is absent falling on the grey sky the temperature is sub zero. the morning walk to office was not my usual pacing because the city's sidewalks were blanketed overnight by ice debris.

the 10 o clock news said that snowfall last night was the heaviest falls ever in 17 years.

that was the first time i saw and feel that wonder I happened to view them in film and tv or was able to grasp it's esthetics as described by paperback authors.

the experience was amazing but as the snow lingers longer on your way i found out that I'd got annoyed by it.

Today my mittens were not enough to avoid numbing hands. I wonder what more in places like Siberia.

In times like this I'd confess that I miss Pinas more than anywhere else. (Sigh)

Dreaming of sun, shine, and sand!

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