behind enemy lines

Really, i was not into guns, i hate the cruelty behind the invention, but something inside me urged me to buy an airsoft assault rifle. Perhaps my childhood exposure, blame Carlito, watching Tour of Duty and Combat series in my lolo's b/w tv made me decide to acquired one. Perhaps my peers powerful influence or shall I say sale talk on the "toys".

The contraband arrived in my hands late August. By night time, the office metamorphs into a warzone, with architects turning like soldiers test firing their new toys.
Last Sunday was a history. I found myself in a defunct theme park now an airsoft battle ground with officemates militarily geared. My samaritan friends Santi and Rico lended me gogles, vest and jackets transforming me into a killer machine.
The experience was fearful and fun at the same time. (Jaime captured the scene in awe you might want to take a look of her multiply.)

You know you scared with the thought that a tiny sphere plastic bullets might hit part of your unprotected flesh. But then your childhood fantasies excites you that for a day you suddenly become a soldier or a revolutionary you see on films ready to strike at will.
The game is simple. Two teams on two opposite posts.Hit as many opponents until one team emerge victorious. All these with time constraints of course.
Really I enjoyed it. In this game, you learn yourself well. You learn how far will you go to take the risk decisively and immediately. Trying this actitity, you can measure your bravery. There is a learning also on how forceful you are to conquer a scene or how patient you are to wait to win. Your mind might ponder on the lives of soldiers that have walked the earth, died and survive in the war for peace and ideas.
In conclusion, I see no harm (the bullets mark will heal yes)in parcticing this sport, unless of course your into gunless-societyism I shall respect you on that. This is inviting game perhaps because the players here experience immortality at its best. When you get hit, you learn your mistakes and promise to be startegic next time and that's how we became soldier in our so called life. I guess everybody has its own soldier.

"Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal." -
-- Tupac Shakur

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